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Cost Effective Foundation Systems

Cost Effective Foundation Systems

Helical Piles provide the performance without the high mobilisation costs and liabilities of driven or auger-cast piles and drilled shafts. This time saving and cost effective foundation solution can be designed & tested for applications in expansive soils, sites with high water tables, fill areas, and other sites where unstable soils require specialized support. We have been using screw piles under our homes since late 2007 across a various range of applications with excellent results.

All piles are required to achieve a torque capacity as per design engineer drawings, this torque is recorded by a built in means of quality control, providing quality & accuracy throughout our projects.

  • A fully engineered certified solution to eliminate poor soil conditions. (Every pile installed is recorded with the load achieved to determine that the appropriate strength has been reached)
  • Quicker than other methods. (you can install up to 100 screw piles in a single day)
  • No soil removal needed.
  • No hammer noise or vibration causing potential problems for surrounding properties
  • All weather installations
  • Building works can proceed immediately. (No waiting for concrete bored piers to cure)
  • Removable. A great solution for modular / relocatable housing

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