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How to Find Your Inspiration in Home Decorating

Whether you’re just starting out, renovating your existing home, building your dream home or moving houses, there comes a time when you want to look at redecorating and sometimes, finding inspiration is easier said than done.

You know what you like, you just don’t know how to put it together – and more often than not, hitting the stores without a plan is a recipe for disaster. You end up with a lot of items, none of which enhance each other let alone your space, and you give up. Don’t resign yourself to living with the ‘meh’ when you can live with ‘wow’. You just need to know how to achieve the look you want! Most of us don’t have the budget for an interior stylist at our beck and call but there are many ways to get the style that interiors professional provides without the price tag. You just have to go about things a little differently! From the moment, we open our eyes we are constantly craving things around us that are visually appealing – colours, patterns, textures & shapes form the basis of what we like and how we feel in regards to everything. How many times have you baulked at a food because of the colour, not even knowing what it’s going to taste like (think kids with anything green) purely because you don’t like the look of it? Now let’s turn that finely tuned mechanism of knowing what inspires us to decorating! Start off by looking at what is already around you – what do you surround yourself with? What makes you smile? What sights evoke positive memories? Can you identify a consistent colour, theme, style? Sometimes, after taking a look at their surroundings people can have that ‘ah-ha’ moment and that gives them the information and inspiration to move forward. Others need a little more help and that’s where mood boards come into play. Mood boards have been around for years but the internet and namely ‘Pinterest’ it’s never been easier (and cheaper…it’s free!) to create your own mood board which you can take with you anywhere on your smart phone. Start by putting together colours that you like – you can search by colour on Pinterest and then just pick what you love. Photos of rooms you like, places you’ve stayed, anything that engages and inspires you. After you start collecting these pictures you’ll start to see a theme – whether that be in the colour scheme or in the styling a theme will emerge – or maybe even two themes and that’s fine. This will form the base of where you’re going. Now a while ago you may have taken this information and gone out shopping alone without a clue of how to make it ‘marry’. Now you can walk into a lot of shops, whether it be a furniture store or a bathroom retailer and you will either be able to speak with someone with an interiors background or will be able to make an appointment with one – and the majority of retailers will provide this service free of charge. If they don’t – ask them if they will deduct the cost from the products you will buy from them. At Todd Devine Homes, not only do we offer a multitude of floorplans, designs & facades to reflect your needs, we have our very own Interior Stylist who can ensure your colour selection process is respectful of your style and needs and encapsulates everything you’re wanting to achieve. Whether you are looking for a holiday park cabin for holidays, a transportable home or a granny flat for family let us help you create the right home, the right time.

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