What is Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)?

Bushfire Attack Levels are broken up into 6 sections. Each level has increasingly stringent construction requirements based on the likely intensity of heat during a bushfire and the probability of direct flame contact.

They are broken down like so:

  • LOW (No additional construction requirements)
  • 12.5
  • 19
  • 29
  • 40

The numbers indicate heat the building is designed to withstand measured in KW/m2. Most properties in metropolitan Melbourne are classified as BAL- LOW and no additional construction requirements would be required.

Towards the outskirts of the city and in regional areas designated bushfire areas are common and the minimum BAL is 12.5. Bushfire Management Overlays (BMO’s) are established in more hazardous bushfire areas by local councils. The construction of a building in a BMO area requires a planning permit and often have high Bushfire Attack Levels.